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FREE social media workshop in Nuneaton

FREE social media workshop in Nuneaton

We continue with offering free workshop for all interested in learning new things. This time we will be talking about social media and website as a promoting tools. It does not matter if you want to promote yourself, your business or organisation - come along on Wednesday, the 24th January, to Stockingford Community Centre. We start at 7pm.

More details and bookings on Eventbrite: NUNEATON FREE WORKSHOP: Social media & website: what, why and how?

Date change for FREE website workshop in Nuneaton

Due to circumstances beyond our control we have to change the date of the free website workshop in Nuneaton from the 3rd January (Wed) to 11th January (Thu).

The time and venue remains the same (7pm at Stockingford Community Centre in Nuneaton).

We hope you can still attend and apologies for the inconvenience it may caused.

In case you want to book your place, go to Eventbrite information page about this event.

Upcoming January events

Upcoming January events

We are still in 2017 but working hard to deliver excellent events in January 2018. Mark your calendars for the following dates and booking links will follow shortly:

  • 11th January, Thursday 7pm - 9pm, Stockingford Community Centre, Nuneaton
    It's time for... your website!
    FREE workshop to help you start thinking about how your website should look like. Everyone welcome! Book your place
  • 13th January 10am - 4pm, TBC, Nuneaton
    Ready, steady... build your website with WordPress!
    Training in a small group (up to 10 people) in front of a computer, when we build a website from scratch using WordPress.
  • £49 per person for JumpStart network

    • £49 per person for Highlife Centre clients

  • £59 per person for the rest of the world
    Book your place
  • 24th January, Wednesday 7pm - 9pm, Stockingford Community Centre, Nuneaton
    Social media: what, why and how?
    FREE workshop helping you to begin on social media. Everyone welcome!
  • 29th January, Monday 7pm - 9pm
    Placeholder for something? Probably =) 

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Thank you for your time on the website workshop

Thank you for your time on the website workshop

Thank you to all who attend today's session. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Looking at the results of the evaluation survey, I'm not far from the truth.

Watch the space for the next sessions as I am going to start big time in January.

Unless you will tell me: please Tom, can we have something on 31st December? =)